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Whoa hey, you unfollowed me. Interesting. I question your method of extrapolation, since all modern democratic nations have mechanisms in place to prevent exactly the kind of scenario you propose.

Some months ago, actually. I still read you on occasion directly, as spare time permits; it’s just that I’m trying with irregular success to waste less time arguing unproductively on-line. Things to do, and all.

Anyway. I question your questioning, since at least many modern democratic nations have methods in practice to bypass those mechanisms if the demos really want to.

(And, incidentally, not all. The UK, for example, under the principle of parliamentary sovereignty, can always override past law with present law, so any mechanisms it may have instituted mean nothing as soon as it passes something that contradicts them. The British Human Rights Act was effectively a dead letter as soon as it was passed, in this respect; the only thing that stops the UK government from passing the Kill Those Bastards Whose Faces We Do Not Like Act is its estimate of the likelihood of losing the next election.)